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55 snacks and sweet recipes for diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights, celebrations and sweets. Here are some recipes for diwali that will help you celebrate the festival with your loved ones this year!

Diwali is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of light over darkness. This year, it falls on November 7th. It’s also known as “festival of lights”. The food for this celebration consists of many different types of sweets and snacks. Read more in detail here: diwali snacks list.

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Diwali snack recipes include savory snacks, chaat snacks, appetizers, and appetisers to prepare for your Diwali celebration. In 2021, Diwali will be celebrated on November 4th.

Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is a Hindu holiday celebrated in India and across the globe. And no festival would be complete without plenty of delicious food to enjoy. If you’re wondering what to cook for Diwali, here’s a list of Diwali dishes you may create and share with your friends and family.

I’ve compiled a list of savory snack dishes from all throughout India. Check out these delectable Diwali Dessert Ideas for Diwali sweets. Some of these may be made ahead of time and stored in glass jars or steel containers.

All of these recipes may be produced in smaller or larger batches, and you can alter the number of servings on the recipe cards of individual recipes to obtain the precise quantity of ingredients calculated according to your needs.

These are basic and straightforward recipes that do not need the use of exotic ingredients. Some of them may be packaged in lovely elegant jars and used as holiday gifts.

Please give a couple of them a try and let me know how your Diwali snack ideas worked out.

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Recipes for Diwali Samosas


Recipes for Diwali Chaat

You can create a wide range of snacks at home, including dahi vada, dahi ki pakodi, dahi ke kabab, massor dal tikki, and dahi ke kabab.

Dahi vada or dahi bhalla are two types of dahi.

Iftar is typically served with Dahi Vada. Mouth-watering softness After a long day of roza, urad dal vada immersed in spicy cold curd/yogurt tastes great and nourishes.  

Pakodi Dahi

Dahi pakodi, a traditional Uttar Pradesh dish, is crispy lentil fritters drowned in creamy yogurt with a variety of spices on top. For a blast of flavor and texture, you must try it. Recipe for Dahi Pakodi  

Dahi Vada (instant Dahi)

If you don’t have time to soak lentils or grind vada batter, this Instant dahi vada with bread is the perfect Iftar recipe for you. Recipe for Dahi Vada in an Instant 

For Diwali, you may also cook some of these interesting and famous chaat dishes. 


A few basic recipes are required for each chaat recipe: Here are three fundamentals. 

  1. Chutney (green)
  2. Saunth/Imli Chutney
  3. Yogurt made at home

Recipe for Diwali Faral


Recipe for Cornflakes Chiwda Mixture

Diwali Party Vegetarian Kabab Snacks

For every party, tikka and kebab are usually popular snack items. Prepare them ahead of time and have a little BBQ for your Diwali celebration. I’m sure they’ll be a hit with your visitors, and they could even help you win a round of poker or two.


Dahi ke kabab (dahi ke kabab)

Dahi kabab prepared with hung yogurt and Indian cottage cheese that melts in your mouth. For a wonderful Diwali snack, serve them with green chutney, sliced onion, and a lime wedge.  

Hara Bhara Kabab is a traditional Hara Bhara Kabab dish.

They are healthy, include green vegetables, and are fried to a crisp perfection. These crispy exterior, melt-in-your-mouth inside kababs are guaranteed to please. How to Get the Recipe 

Kacche Kele Ke Kabab (Kacche Kele Ke Kabab)

This is certainly one of the greatest party snack recipes, made with raw banana and a variety of spices. Recipe for Raw Banana Nuggets 

Hare Chane ke Kabab (Hare Chane ke Kabab)

Tender chickpeas are used to make these vegetable kebabs. However, now that chickpeas are out of season, you may simply substitute green peas. Recipe for Chana Kabab

Papaya Kabab (Raw Papaya)

Raw papaya and gramflour are used to make these vegetarian kebabs. These are delicious, healthful, and have a low GI. Recipe for Raw Papaya Kabab

Kabab Rajma Ki Galouti Rajma Ki Galouti Rajma Ki Galouti Rajm

If you’re craving galouti kabab, these vegetarian galouti kebabs are the greatest! Here’s the recipe for air-fried galouti kabab. 

Seekh Kabab with a Variety of Vegetables

These melt-in-your-mouth veg seekh kebabs are packed with healthy veggies, creamy paneer, and beetroots. Recipe for Veggie Seekh Kebab.

Seekh Kabab Paneer Dahi

If you want soft, delicious, creamy melt-in-your-mouth seekh kebabs, I have a sure-fire winner for you. For a fast lunch, wrap these Paneer and yogurt kebabs in a roomali roti with thinly sliced onions and lime juice, or chop them into bite-size pieces to serve as an appetizer for your Diwali feast.

Recipes for Pakoras for a Diwali Party


For a Diwali Party, Cutlets and Finger Food Snacks

Diwali is a festival in which people celebrate the victory of light over darkness. It’s also called “Deepavali,” and is celebrated with lots of delicious food and sweets. Here are 55 snacks and sweet recipes for diwali. Reference: diwali snacks maharashtrian.

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