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As a young boy growing up in the Far East and later as an adult working there, I grew to love Asian food. Living in Malaysia in the early 1960s introduced me to the delights of Malay, Chinese, Indonesian and, to a lesser extent, Japanese cuisine. With my parents regularly making journeys between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore I have more than a few opportunities to sample local delights.

As an adult working in Hong Kong during the 1980s, I further add a vast opportunity to enjoy oriental cuisine but also dying at many of the local Indian restaurants that dot Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. With many of these consisting of a basement room full of Formica tables, I didn’t expect a great deal initially. In the event, I enjoyed some of the most delicious Indian cuisines from the various regions throughout my five years working. A fantastic treat never repeated sadly.

Whilst enjoying the Far East I also took the opportunity to learn how to cook many of these wonderfully tasteful dishes. As a result, now in my 60s, I very pleased to break out the wok or pot, ghee, garam masala and many of the other wonderful spices that are the heart of Far East and cuisine. To anyone who has been tempted to learn far eastern cooking, I would say – don’t hesitate. Once you’ve taken the first step you will be hooked!

This personal blog brings together many of my favourite dishes from the different regions of the Far East and Indian subcontinent. I hope you find ideal recipes for your favourite dishes here on the site. If there are any dishes you feel should be included please drop me a contact and I’ll try to add them to the collection.


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