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aloo ki sabzi recipe with kachori | aloo sabzi

Jastha Kachori’s aloo ki sabzi recipe – a gem among aloo recipes from North India served with Jastha Kachori.

Aloo ki sabzi

With Holi just around the corner, it’s a good time to send out the recipe for kachori aloo ki sabzi. This tasty UP style aloo ki sabzi is served with khasta kachori and is a basic item on the street menu prepared by street vendors. Better known as Mathura ki dubki wala aloo sabzi, which means potato soaked in water. This is not a tomato, onion or garlic curry with a liquid, runny consistency. Spiced with distinct spicy and aromatic notes, curry aloo uses large amounts of cloves and black pepper, including some green and dried red chillies. Hand-cooked potatoes are cooked slowly and long in plenty of liquid to absorb the flavors of the spices, making them extremely flavorful and exciting.

Kachori aloo kis sabzi

This mathura aloo ki sabzi is usually served with lentil stuffing, fried dough, khasta kachori. Lightly squished on the kahori, you can immerse yourself in the textured alookee sabzi soup. It can also be served with puris. In that case, you can thicken the curry by adding a tablespoon of flour or corn.

Kachori aloo ki sabzi recipeThe preparation of the kachori aloo ki sabzi recipe is explained below.

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