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Bedmi aloo sabzi recipe, bedmi puri aloo sabzi, potato bhaji

Recipe Bedmi aloo sabzi – a spicy curry potato masala served with bedmi puri (lentil stuffing), a popular dish on the streets of North India.

bedmi aloo sabzi

The Bedmi aloo sabzi recipe is a deceptively simple recipe for making a thin or watery potato curry. This particular type of potato sabzi is very popular in northern India, especially with street vendors who sell chhat, kachori, bedmi and peels. It is also known as “dubki aloo,” which refers to pieces of potato that have been softened, dipped in spices and dipped in a delicious sauce or curry. In fact, it is a popular regional Indian dish and the hallmark of street cuisine in Mathura (the birthplace of Lord Krishna). Mathura ke dubki wale aloo is served with bedmi puri, urad dal kachori, puri or paratha.

This is not really a garlic recipe without onion, super quick to make if you have boiled potatoes on hand. Usually this recipe for sabzi bedmi aloo does not use tomatoes, but some home cooks add tomatoes for extra flavor. When making this recipe for sabzi bedmi aloo, be sure to use green chilies, ginger, garam masala and fresh coriander leaves. The simmering curry has a multitude of flavors that make it addictive.

bedmi puri aloo sabzi

bedmi puri aloo sabzi

Without exaggeration, this humble bedmi aloo is one of the best vegetarian dishes in Uttar Pradesh cuisine. A gem among potato aloo recipes and one that should be added to your recipe repertoire. If you are a potato lover and looking for North Indian aloo recipes, check out Banarasi Aloo Matar Sabji, Aloo Sabji for Kachori, Aloo Matar Sabji, Aloo Rasedar and Tamatar Aloo Sabji.

dubki aloo recipe

Wala aloo oaks

bedmi clean recipe
make bedmi aloo sabzi recipe

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