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Bharwa bhindi, stuffed bhindi | bhindi recipes

The bharva bindi, a dish of Indian regional cuisine, the stuffed women’s fingers, which is a jewel among bindi recipes.

Bharva Bhindi

A hot and delicious Indian dish, bharwa bhindi or stuffed okra. Over the past few weeks, our organic garden has given us a good crop of fresh and tender okra, or ladyfingers. So, bharwa bhindi is a gumbo roasted and stuffed in my kitchen. I blogged about an intriguing stuffed dham dish from Gujarat, Sambharia Bindi, which is very popular with many followers of Silus Kitchen. Stuffed bindi is very popular in the Hindi-speaking states of India and Western India. Amateur cooks from different regional cuisines have a unique blend of spices and ingredients that go into the stuffed bindi or okra.

bharwa bhindi okra bharwan bhindi with besan

homemade okra – stuffed with bindi

One of my favorite ways to prepare okra is to stuff it with unique spice combinations. Simple flavors that can surprise you and produce results that will far exceed your expectations. Bharwa bhindi (in Hindi bharwa = stuffed, bhindi = okra) is a versatile recipe and the ingredients can be changed depending on what you have in your pantry.

I am posting a Bharwa Bhindi recipe with besan, onions and peanut heaps that add a nice crunch to this gluten free vegetarian dish. Onions can be omitted and you have the Satvik Bharwa Bhindi recipe without onions and garlic. Roasting at low temperature is the key to bring out the delicious flavors of okra. Bharwan Bhindi goes well with chapati, roti or rice and is a great addition to your list of Bhindi recipes or vegetarian meal ideas. Indulge your palate with the best winter flavors this vegetarian Indian dish has to offer.

bharwa bhindi

printed okra

Learn how to make bharwa bhindi, Indian stuffed okra.

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