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Chaas, how to make chaas, buttermilk recipe

Chaas, the buttermilk recipe is a traditional and healthy summer drink.


Chaas, a refreshing summer drink, is essentially a drink based on diluted salted yogurt. In India, it is better known as buttermilk. Thick cottage cheese or yoghurt is whipped and diluted with water in a ratio of 1:2, i.e. for 1 cup of cottage cheese, 2 cups of water must be added. This regular tea recipe is only flavored with salt and/or black salt. Most home cooks have their favorite bowl flavors, depending on the region. The basic buttermilk recipe can be seasoned with ginger juice, green chillies, asafoetida, black salt and roasted cumin powder. In the south, Chaas is known as majjiga, majje or wall.


Yogurt or cottage cheese are the main ingredients in a buttermilk recipe. It is usually served with dinner, especially during the hot summer months. This salty yogurt drink has many health benefits, including cooling the body and good digestion. I usually add lots of fresh cilantro, black salt and roasted cumin. You can add any of these ingredients depending on what you have in your pantry. A simple salted buttermilk with a little lemon juice is like manna from heaven on a hot day. Try this healthy drink this summer. Stay hydrated and discover more summer drink recipes.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to make a bowl or buttermilk

frequently asked questions

Are buttermilk and chaas the same thing?

Technically, however, buttermilk is the liquid that remains when butter is churned into cream. Lassi is a distilled yogurt made by fermenting milk and adding a bacterial culture to it. … In India, buttermilk is also known as chacha, which is salty and has a more watery consistency than lassi.

How can I make buttermilk at home?

How to make buttermilk – The best taste from scratch.

How do you make buttermilk from butter?

What to do with leftover buttermilk from butter making

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