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Cucumber Sushi Canape

A couch wrapped in cucumber. It’s beautiful, it’s good and it’s easy, Chef Devaux said. And in case you’re wondering: The name sofa comes from the French word canapé, as in the fact that the upholstery is placed on top.

Step one: Preparation of the cucumber

Take a 17 cm long piece of cucumber. Do not peel them, but cut them with a peeler into long, thin strips. Cut off both ends and one side, creating oblong strips of cucumber. We’ll save that for later.

Step two: Preparation of the salmon

Take a piece of 100 g salmon sashimi and cut it into thin slices 0.5 cm thick, weighing 10 g each. Cut each piece in half.

Step three: Preparation of the avocado

Cut the avocado in half and into quarters. Remove the skin and cut the quarter, with the knife at a 45 degree angle, into as many thin strips as possible.

Take 4 strips of avocado with a knife and fan them out. We’ll save that for later.

Step four: Preparation of the radish

Cut the radish into thin slices. Cut each piece into thin strips. Cut the strips in half and hold them together like a pack of matches. We’ll save that for later.

Step 5: Assembly of the sofas

Moisten your hands with water and rice vinegar. Take 15 grams of cooked and seasoned sushi rice and roll it into a ball. Wrap a strip of cucumber around a rice ball. Put a little wasabi on your fingertip and press it into the rice, pressing the ball flat so that the edge of the cucumber comes out slightly.

Lift the avocado peeler with a knife or chopstick. Place them on top of the rice, on the inside edge of the cucumber. Add 2 slices of salmon and a small mound of avocado slices.

Step six: Herbs for sofa

Squeeze half a lime into a small bowl. Add an equal amount of soy sauce. Mix everything together with a small kitchen brush and brush lightly over the salmon. That’s it! Now, enjoy this lovely, lovely sofa.

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