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Dumpling Sisters — Easy Potsticker Dumplings

Before we begin, we want to share with you the exciting news that we have partnered with Screen to Plate to bring you this recipe as a meal kit! This means that if you buy a meal kit with one of our recipes, some of your money goes back to us.

Order your meal kit here and learn more about Until the 13th. November 2018, use the code FIRSTBOX10 to get £10 off your first order over £30.

– Amy and Julie x

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you share our love of food. Besides the pure pleasure of good food, we also love food because it evokes memories. Trips to dim sum restaurants, helping my mom make giant dumplings and her elaborate parties at home were highlights of our childhood that we still try to relive as adults.

And of course, we love to cook. Although we live in the multicultural metropolis of London, with its many culinary temptations, we cook much more at home than we do outside and many of our dishes use Chinese ingredients.

When we meet people who share our passion, mutual gratitude for one of life’s greatest joys is like a unifying force. We may have nothing else in common, but when we can talk about our favorite ramen in London or the merits of pork belly, the interaction is just as light and sizzling.

This was the case when we met Tom, a true foodie and in fact a fan of the Dumpling Sisters for many years! He told us how he and his friends decided to quit their jobs to pursue a more fulfilling path and run a business that sold food packages. You probably think (as we do!) that there are so many meal kit companies that it would be different?

The index is in the stocks: The screen on the plate.

The guys behind Screen to Plate want to help you recreate the recipes you see online in your own kitchen. If you’re like us, you probably feel constantly inspired by recipes from YouTube, blogs and social media. You may send an idea for a meal off in your mind the next time you have time to try out a new recipe, but it gets lost among all the other ideas that have caught your attention. Maybe you’ve even made it using one of our recipes (we don’t blame you!).

The difficulty of buying ingredients, often in inconvenient quantities, is enough to keep us from wasting time and energy trying new things. And that’s why meal kits are so popular, because they are delivered directly to your home in exact quantities.

We think Screen to Plate is different because instead of making recipe kits, they think you want to cook. They work with people like us to bring you recipes they know you will love to prepare! Plus, there is a video for each recipe so you don’t have to translate the recipe sheet. So when Tom asked us if we would like Screen to Plate to include our recipes in their meal kits, making it even easier to prepare at home, of course we said yes!

For the launch of Screen to Plate, we’ve created a special new recipe: our classic meatballs, streamlined for a midweek meal. We added a piece of garlic to the pork, which is sort of a mixture of vegetables and garlic and adds a lot of flavor. The meal kit also includes ingredients for dipping tamarind paste and peanut butter (yes, it’s an explosion of flavors!).

And as you’ll see in the video, we demonstrate a simplified folding technique that cuts the time it takes to put your dumplings on the table in half, so they really can be had any night of the week. Dumpling casings are also the best we’ve ever tried (we’ve tested many!) because there’s nothing more frustrating than a store-bought casing that chews itself to pieces.

But that’s not all! Our popular crispy Chili Beef and Satay Cauli one-pot meals are also available as meal kits, with more to come soon. Go to the screen to order the Dumpling Sisters meal kit and browse through all the other great recipes.

If you have a particular recipe from the Dumpling Sisters that you would like to see in the Screen to Plate series, let us know in the comments below!


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