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Recipe for Falloda, a pale pink faluda drink with ice

Falooda Recipe

Yesterday I wrote how to make falooda sieves at home and today I am sharing the falooda recipe. Faluda is one of the best multi-layered desserts in a glass from Iran. This versatile summer drink has found its way to many countries, including India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma) and Turkey. It was the Parsis, who emigrated from Iran to India, who introduced this sweet confection to the Indian people. It is a staple on the menu of street vendors selling drinks, ice cream parlors and restaurants that serve many variations of the basic falloda recipes.

The basic faloda recipe is a milk-based dessert, it contains rose syrup, faloda seeds or vermicelli based on arrochia roots or corn flour, milk, faloda seeds (basil) and ice cream included. The Indian falooda recipe has evolved to include different flavors such as saffron, pistachio, mango, strawberry, chocolate, throat, etc. Fruit falooda is also very popular. The main recipe of falooda consists of fresh cut fruits.

falooda recipe

Indian style phalanx

A homemade falauda recipe is easy to make, as long as you have all the ingredients needed to make falauda on hand. Faluda sieves can be prepared at home with cornmeal. The faluda seeds need to soak for a few minutes to swell. Use whole milk and usually boil the milk until it has boiled down to three quarters of the original amount, as this does wonders for the softness and flavor. Use good quality rose syrup or rooh afsa rose syrup. Pistachios and almonds add a little crunch and richness to the phallus. Finish with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you have a delicious dessert in a glass.

falooda ingredients

The ingredients of the phalode are sabja, jelly, phalode sieve and jelly.

It’s good to treat yourself to a faloda once in a while, especially on a hot and humid day. This heavenly dessert has contrasting flavors and textures with chewy faloda seeds, soft noodles and jelly, melt-in-your-mouth ice cream and crunchy nuts. The falodrink or milkshake is a truly delicious and addictive summer dessert. Each sip is fragrant and truly heavenly!

Tomorrow the recipe for faloda kulfi, where faloda and kulfi are served together, drizzled with rose syrup.

Learn how to make an Indian falloda recipe

Frequently asked questions

How do you make a Faluda from scratch?

Faluda recipe | How to make faluda ice cream | Faluda recipe

What is Faluda made of?

It is traditionally made by mixing rose syrup, vermicelli and sweet basil seeds with milk and is often served with ice cream. The vermicelli used in the preparation of faluda is made from wheat, arrowroot (arrowroot), corn starch or sago.

What is the best Faluda?

5 delicious Faluda flavors to enjoy at home | DESIblitz

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