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Gutti vankaya fry andhra style | stuffed brinjal fry

Gutti Wankaya Roast, an andhra-style roast recipe with a blend of roasted spices that has incredible flavor and goes perfectly with steamed rice and sambar.

The Vankaya or Brinjal (eggplant) is highly prized by the Telugus of Andhra, especially in its plush avatar. One of the most popular ways to eat brinjal in Andhra and Telangana regions is Gutti Vankaya roast. The spices used in its preparation may vary according to the community or region where it is prepared. Wherever fried gutti wanka is prepared, it is unique in texture and taste. It’s a truly forgiving dish, overflowing with flavor and very comforting.

Gutti Wankai Fries

The secret to the Andhra-style stuffed roast is the unique combination of spices, where the spices and lentils are grilled to perfection and ground into a coarse powder that serves as a garnish. The stuffed eggplant is slow grilled to perfection, lightly sweetened with a hint of tamarind. We Andhras have a love for spicy and tasty dishes and we use tamarind in many of our dishes. Similarly, when we stir-fry gutti wankaya, we add a little tamarind and banana to balance the spicy flavor. A perfect combination of flavours.

Late night stuffed snacks, ready to be fried

This andhra-style stuffed branjal potato can be served with hot steamed rice, papu pulusu or sambar, papad and a bowl of yogurt. It is a perfect dish where deep fried vanakaya gutti is the star of the meal.

The key to delicious baked potatoes with vancai gutti

You should choose tender, fresh, shiny and purple eggplants. Do not use light, hollow aubergines with wrinkled skin.

The lentils used for the garnish should be grilled over low heat until red.

Fenugreek or metigran seed should be roasted until it has a red hue. The overall taste of gutti depends on this spice. So be careful.

Do not reduce the amount of dried red peppers as recommended in the recipe.

The key to a good and tasty fried wankaya gutti is slow frying in a large amount of oil. Even though it takes a long time, believe me, a slow roasted branjal tastes much better than a fast or pressure cooked version. Yes, some home cooks prepare gutti wankaya in a pressure cooker to speed up the cooking process. I don’t recommend it if you want to enjoy the real taste of grilled vanakaya gutti. Eggplant should be juicy and tenderly cooked.

Even if you are not a fan of brinjal, try the recipe for gutti vankaya roast. Because I’m sure you’ll be a fan of the brunjals. If you do, please share your comments and photos of Gutti Wankaya fries in the blog comments or on social media. I’d like to see her. You can find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.

Gutti Wankai Fries

How to cook Gutti Wankaya baked potatoes

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