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Gyutandon (Beef Tongue Rice Bowl)

A beef tongue rice bowl is something you might easily overlook when you’re out and about in the city, but that doesn’t mean you should. The two main ingredients in a beef tongue rice bowl, tongue and rice, are cheap and widely available in most grocery stores. They are also both very easy to prepare, and the result is a full, satisfying meal that will leave you feeling warm and satisfied.

Beef tongue is what we commonly call Gyutan, and it’s a popular Japanese food that’s normally eaten as a “donburi” which is a large bowl of rice with a topping. For the gyutandon, the beef tongue is simmered in a broth of soy sauce and spices, then sliced thin and served with steamed rice and vegetables. The flavor of the beef is similar to a tender steak, and the texture is soft and tender that it almost melts in your mouth.

The Japanese love their beef, and the tongue is the most commonly eaten part of the cow. It can be enjoyed raw (similar to sashimi), in a variety of cooked dishes, or as gyutan (beef tongue) which is boiled and simmered to tender perfection. This style of preparation is often served as part of a rice bowl dish called gyutan-don (beef tongue rice bowl), and is usually savory with a hint of sweetness. The cooking liquid is usually thickened with a starch-based agent called dashi, and soy sauce and mirin are used to give it a kick.

A quick and delicious dish of tough, thinly sliced beef tongue, seasoned with soy sauce, steamed and served with rice. Have you ever heard of Gutandon? Or have you tried it? Gutandon is a dish with beef tongue and rice bowl that has become increasingly popular in Jakarta, Indonesia lately. Today’s recipe is adapted from the famous mouth-to-mouth gutandon from Menya Ramen restaurant in Australia. Apparently, the menu is so popular that a Japanese restaurant in Indonesia has officially partnered with Menya Ramen to make the Gutandon. Since then, many restaurants have sprung up in Indonesia that specialize in rice dishes and Japanese cuisine and have Gutandon on their menus. And since so many people were talking about it enthusiastically, I decided to try it myself. word-image-6776 It is basically thinly sliced beef tongue sautéed in garlic, soy sauce and other spices. At the end, add the chopped chilli and shallots. This dish is very easy to prepare and only takes a few minutes, as you only need to stir the ingredients in the pan. The taste is surprisingly very pleasant. The beef tongue is both soft and chewy, and the flavor is strong thanks to the taste of soy sauce and chili. And because I love beef tongue, I prefer this dish to the traditional goudon because of its unique and moist texture. If you make this recipe, let me know how it turned out.

What is guttandon?

Gyutan (牛タン) is a combination of the Japanese word for cow (gyu) and the English word (tan). Meanwhile, don (丼) literally means come. Gutandon is actually cow tongue served with rice. The custom of cooking gyutan originated in Sendai in 1948. Initially considered a rather unusual dish, by the 1950s it was gradually gaining popularity throughout Japan, partly because workers transferred from Sendai spread its fame to other cities. Sendai’s delicious gyutan is starting to spread throughout Japan. For example, Sendai has become famous for its Gyutan. word-image-6777

How does Gütan taste?

The idea of eating an animal’s tongue may scare you at first. Maybe it’s the look, but I think you’re missing the best part if you’ve never tried it. If you want to try a new kind of meat, cow tongue is the ideal solution. This dish may not look very appetizing, but it tastes delicious and can be a nice addition to your regular meat dishes. The taste is similar to that of other types of red meat, but it is fattier and more tender. Once you bite into a piece, you will notice that it has a different chewing texture than steak or any other meat, because beef tongue contains a lot of muscle. It’s not as delicate, but at the same time, it’s not as sensitive. It’s right in the middle. word-image-6778

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Gyutandon (rice bowl with beef tongue)

word-image-6779 A quick and delicious dish of tough, thinly sliced beef tongue, seasoned with soy sauce, steamed and served with rice. Cooking time 5 minutes Cooking time 10 minutes Total time 15 minutes


  • 2 portions of rice
  • 250 g beef tongue/liver cut into thin slices
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  • 3 Vogelaugen-Chili, fein gehackt
  • 2 shallots, finely chopped



  • Fein gehackte Vogelaugen-Chilis
  • Green onions, finely chopped


  1. In a small bowl, mix all sauce ingredients until well blended. Set it aside.
  2. Heat a large skillet with oil over medium-high heat. Keep the thinly sliced beef tongue aside and add it to the pan. Fry until the sole is brown and no longer pink.
  3. Add the garlic and cook until fragrant. Then add the sauce and let it reduce.
  4. Add the chopped bird’s eye chilli and shallots. Stir until everything is completely combined. Put out the fire.
  5. Serve the slices of beef tongue in serving dishes. Garnish with more chilies and shallots if desired.


I recommend adding chili to make the gutandone spicier. If you want the dish less spicy, you can reduce the amount of chili peppers or remove the seeds from the chili peppers.

Have you cooked with this recipe?

Leave a star rating or review in the comments and tag it on Instagram. This provides useful feedback for both me and other readers. Have fun cooking!Beef tongue is a common part of the Japanese diet and it is called Gyutan (牛タン). The taste is a little bit like beef, but it’s chewier. In this recipe, it is slow cooked to tenderness then sliced thin and cooked with rice in a bowl. The soup stock is flavored with some sake and soy sauce. A variety of toppings can be placed on the rice bowl, and it is very popular to eat.. Read more about beef tongue stew japanese and let us know what you think.

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