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How To Peel A Pomelo & How To Eat It

Because of the thick skin and white pith, you may be wondering how to clean the pomelo – it’s quite difficult. This rather large, citrusy fruit can be a bit intimidating. Don’t worry, you’ll soon be an expert!

Find the easiest of the three ways to peel a pomelo.

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Video of three peeling methods

Pomelo versus grapefruit

The pomelo was crossed with the orange, from which the grapefruit emerged, which with its thinner skin and segmented membranes is easier to eat and therefore gained great popularity in the West.

But in its native Southeast Asia, the pomelo is much more widespread than in the West. The sweet taste, especially of the Nimpung variety (honey pomelo), makes it one of the most popular fruits in Thailand.

Pomelo is bigger and sweeter – grapefruit is easier to eat, but smaller.

What’s a pomelo?

People also ask: What’s pummelo? But they can’t spell it. They are one and the same – a large citrus fruit. If you think of them as big, sweet grapefruits, you’re on the right track.

The fruits of the pomelo flower, which grows on trees throughout Southeast Asia, are harvested when they are almost ripe to be sold in the market. The best of them even have wrinkle-free skin – just like us, wrinkles are a sign of aging!

Pomelos on pomelos in a nice place

That still leaves the problem of getting the urea out of the bark; you can’t just remove the bark with your fingernails like you would an orange.

There are three popular methods of cutting off the skin of grapefruits, which we will explore.

Grapefruit on the market

Method 1 – Cut the skin vertically

This is TastyThai’s preferred method, because we think it’s the easiest.

With a sharp knife, cut off the top and bottom of the herb, as close to the inner flesh as possible.

Place the perch on a flat cutting board and cut the skin into wedges, taking as much meat with it as you cut. Try not to cut directly into the fruit.

Keep cutting around the fruit until all the skin is removed.

Continue with the meat segmentation section below.

Cutting vertically is the easiest method we have found.

Method 2 – Slice the peel in a spiral

This method is almost as simple as method 1 and follows the same mantra, but is cut in a spiral, like the skin of the apple.

Start at the top of the fruit and cut around the spiral, cutting away as much of the hard flesh under the skin as possible, avoid cutting into the flesh if possible.

The problem with cutting the pulp is that the juice escapes and it gets messy fast.

Continue with the meat segmentation section below.

Peel a grapefruit using the apple spiral method –

Method 3 – Signing and counting

I saw this method demonstrated while researching this article and decided to try it in practice.

The idea is to use a paring knife to cut the fruit into segments from top to bottom, using the tip of a sharp knife. You need to cut deep enough to reach the skin, which means you’ll probably cut into the meat.

Once you have broken the fruit into wedges – about eight or ten in total – start at the top of the fruit and remove it with your fingers.

We tried and found it almost impossible. That is, either we didn’t cut deep enough, or we didn’t cut enough segments, or we were just weak people unable to peel a single fruit.

Anyway, it was too tiring, shuffling and shooting and trying to judge the depth of the score and all.

We have moved away from this method and we think you will too.

mark the skin and then pull. It’s a challenge!

Segmentation Pomelo

You can’t just open a puddle and start eating it like an orange, because it takes a lot of effort to separate the segments. You can’t cut them in half and eat them like a grapefruit.

The membranes that surround the flesh of the pomelo are actually quite difficult to see through and not very nice to eat. The best way to get at the juicy meat is to cut the top off the segments, insert the tip of the knife between the membrane and the meat, and press a little between the two.

Mechanically recovered meat.

Then turn around a little.

The membrane falls off, exposing the meat, which can then be easily torn apart.

Sometimes you can remove the remaining membrane from the segment you just disconnected along with the exposed segment from the next section – two in one, so to speak.

Remove all the pulp, remove the seeds, then use it in any recipe.

Segmentation of the pulp from the inner membrane of the segment

What does a pomelo taste like?

Depending on the variety you buy, grapefruit can be quite sweet and quite tart, like grapefruit, but usually with less acidity. They are also available with light or pink flesh.

The flavor is also quite similar, and you can usually easily substitute grapefruit for grapefruit and vice versa. Note, however, that the pomelo tends to be a little too present, so correct any recipe.

Eat Pomelo

The best way to eat pomelo is as a salad or appetizer, like our Yum Som O recipe, which is a royal, fresh and incredibly delicious Thai salad that you will love.

Yum Som O – Sweet and spicy pomelo salad.

You can also make them into juice, sorbet or mousse, or use them anywhere you can eat citrus.

The Thais love pomelo, and if they don’t like it, they eat the fresh fruit with sweet and sour chili sugar.

Pomelo – Frequently asked questions

What is Pamplemuss?

Pamplemousse is the French word for grapefruit. The French word for pomelo is simply pomelo.

What are the health benefits of pomelo?

Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and contains about 6 grams of fiber per fruit. They are also rich in antioxidants. In addition to these facts, there are other health benefits that you can learn more about here.

What are the other names of pomelo?

The correct spelling is pumelo, although in the UK it is sometimes called shaddock, misspelled pumelo, pumelo, pomelo and probably a few other misspellings.

The Latin name is citrus maxima or citrus grenda, and they are also known as Chinese grapefruit or Asian grapefruit …..

Can you eat Pomelo Row?

Yes. Grapefruit can be eaten raw, but you must peel the skin and separate the white membranes from the tough segmented membranes. So you can eat a pomelo like an orange or a grapefruit.

How do you know if a pamelo is ripe?

Grapefruits vary by variety, but if you pick them at a stand or store that offers a variety, choose the heaviest fruit by weight. A ripe grapefruit should have a light, pleasantly fresh and slightly floral aroma. If the skin is wrinkled, it is too old and probably contains some dry meat.

I am a Thai mother and I love to cook for my children. Over the years, I have adapted family recipes and borrowed recipes from friends to make them even more delicious. I publish my authentic Thai recipes here for the world to enjoy. Whenever I have the opportunity to travel, I publish information to help others visit Thailand.

frequently asked questions

Can you eat a pomelo like a grapefruit?

What, uh… what… what… what… Pomelo…

How can you tell if a molecule is mature?

Grapefruit ingredient

What is the purpose of pomelo leather?

Pomelo Diet Fruity

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