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Jigarthanda recipe, jil jil jigarthand drink madurai special

The recipe for Jigarthanda, Madurai’s special drink, is perfect for hot summer days.

Jigarthanda, the special drink of Madurai

I first tried Jigarthanda when I was in college, on a trip to Madurai. One of the most delicious summer drinks, it comes from Madurai. This unique flavored milk drink, introduced by the Mughals who settled in the south, is called Jigarthanda. Popularly called Jigarthanda, this drink has made its way into many restaurants and beer halls in Tamil Nadu. The ingredients in the Jigarthanda drink recipe have a cooling effect on the constitution and are closely related to the drink “Phaloda”, which has a different texture and taste.

badam pisin almond gum

Badam pisa ~ edible almond gum/badam gum

The main ingredients of the jigartanda recipe are skim milk, skim ice cream and two natural cooling agents, badam pisin (edible almond gum) and nanari syrup (sarsaparilla root). The gum, which is secreted by the bark of the almond tree, dries out and forms small, hard, light brown balls with a hint of gold color. It is also called badam gond and badam piziru. The small stony globules are soaked in water for several hours, forming a thick, translucent, gelatinous substance. It has many medicinal properties and is very refreshing to the body. Not only is it a natural cooling agent, but it is also recommended for weight gain in infants.

Nannari syrup, also called sugandi, is made from the root of sarsaparilla, a pleasantly fragrant herb. This herb has medicinal properties and is an excellent diuretic, it cools the body and prevents heat stroke. I have already blogged a recipe for nanari syrup and a recipe for nanari sarbat. You can use store-bought nanari syrup available in local ayurvedic stores that also sell badam pisin.

jigarthanda drink

Jigarkhand – Summer Special

Whole milk is reduced by boiling it slowly until it thickens and is reduced to about half the original amount. The light brown color of the reduced milk gives Jigarthanda its unique color and flavor. The ice used in the drink is also made with reduced milk. You can also use store-bought vanilla ice cream. I have already blogged a recipe for ice cream made with reduced milk.

Try making this unique and refreshing summer drink at home and add it to your collection of Indian drink recipes. You can also serve it as a dessert after lunch or dinner. If you cannot find badam pysin in your market, replace it with Chinese herb or agar.

jigarthanda drink recipe

Jigarkhand – Summer Special

How to make a jigarpanda drink recipe at home.

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