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Kalakand recipe | how to make kalakand

kalakand recipe | how to make kalakand

Kalakand recipe – how to make kalakand at home with khoya – Indian dessert recipes for Diwali, Holi and Navratri.


The Kalakand recipe is a culinary gem among Indian dessert recipes and is prepared on festivals like Diwali, Holi and Navratri. It’s a rich, soft and crumbly milk fondant that literally melts in your mouth. The traditional recipe for kalakand consists of chenna (curdled milk powder), hoya-aka-mawa (milk of inferior quality), sweetened with sugar and lightly spiced with cardamom. Chenné is prepared by curdling milk with an acidifier such as lemon juice, vinegar or yogurt (learn how to make chenné). Koya is condensed milk prepared by heating the milk over a small fire until it is reduced to a quarter of its original amount (learn how to make koya). There are also quicker versions to prepare calacandas in the microwave or on the stove with condensed milk and grated bread crumbs or ricotta cheese.

To make kalakanda from scratch, chenné and hoya are boiled together with sugar over low heat to form a thick paste, which then takes a few minutes. After hardening, the square slices are cut and garnished with nuts such as pistachios or almonds.

Follow the instructions for the kalakanda recipe with step-by-step illustrations. You’ll have to do the caterpillar and hoya recipes I already posted. Chenné recipe (follow recipe to step 7 and your chenné is ready) and hoya recipe.


house chenna and hoya (mawa)


Boil the hoya and chenge over low heat


Preparation of the mixture of hoya, caterpillar and sugar ~ Allow the calacande to harden

Calacandas with Hoya

frequently asked questions

How can I make Kalakand from scratch?

Kalakand – Cooking with Manali

What is Calacand made of?

It is made with milk, sugar, vinegar and possibly some nuts like pistachios and cardamom powder.

What is the name of Kalakand in English?

The name kalakand (uncountable) is an Indian form of cheesecake made of sweet milk with chopped nuts and sometimes saffron and edible film.

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