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Kulfi falooda, how to make kulfi falooda recipe, indian dessert

Kulfi Faluda’s recipe, an Indian street dessert.

Kulfi Faluda

The faluda kulfi recipe is one of the easiest Indian desserts to make at home. There are many variations of faluda kulfi that I have eaten during my travels on the road. Mainly kulfi or Indian egg free ice cream, made with whole milk, on a bed of sweet basil seeds and finger noodles, drizzled with rose syrup and/or khusa syrup and garnished with nuts and dried fruits. A delicious summer dessert from northern India that is hard to resist, especially in hot and humid weather.

I have already blogged the recipe for kulfi and falooda sev. Make a reference to these summer desserts by making a kulfi with the falooda recipe. Many hawkers make a fortune selling popular summer desserts like Kulfi, Falauda and Kulfi Falauda during the summer season. Absolutely refreshing, invigorating and absolutely delicious. Kulfi is an ice cream dessert like ice cream and falooda is a drink whose main ingredient is milk with rose, sabja and falooda sieves. Kulfi falooda is not a drink but a rich and creamy ice cream dessert with chewy falooda noodles flavored with rose syrup.

If you are too lazy to make kulfi or falooda sevens at home, you can buy commercially available kulfi and falooda sevens and make this dessert in a few minutes. You can add fresh cut fruit, throat or jelly to add texture to the dessert. Your kids will love it, and so will you. And let’s not even talk about calories as you enjoy the Kulfi Faluda 🙂 .

kulfi falooda recipe

kulfi faluda with rose syrup and jelly

How to make a Kulfi Falooda recipe at home.

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