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Mamidikaya menthi pachadi, instant mango pickle recipe

Mamidikaya menti pachadi, instant mango andhra pickle recipe.

mamidicaya menti pachadi

In early April, I made a batch of mamidikaya menti pachadi aka instant mango pickles andhra style with homegrown raw mangoes. At our house, we are addicted to pickles and we enjoy different types of pickles, preferably mango based. After all, I come from the land of pickles, where pickling is a way of life for most home cooks. In the summer, almost every household makes large quantities of mango pickles that can be used year-round. Our house has also started making pickles.

It is not uncommon for some mangoes to fall to the ground by themselves without being picked. Usually we use these fallen mangoes to make instant cucumbers that last a few weeks, or until we make the king of cucumbers, the awakaya. This year we had a few of these mangoes that we used to make small batches of instant cucumbers. Even if the mangoes are slightly damaged, you can use them to make a small batch of instant cucumbers. These mangoes should only be used to make quick pickles, as they will keep for two weeks in the refrigerator.

mamidikaya menthi pachadi

mamidikaya menti mukkalu

My favorite combination of dishes is rice with muddha papua (boiled tur dal), a piece of ghee and a pickled mango cucumber. It is comfort food at its best, in other words, manna from heaven.

easy instant mango pickle recipe

andhra dishes with mamidhikaya menti pachad

I have previously posted pachadi mamidi turumu (instant pickle with grated mango) and mamidikaya mukkala pachadi (instant pickle with grated mango and mustard) and some tips to prepare the pickles. Today, I am publishing a recipe for instant mango pickle with mentulu aka methi or fenugreek seeds. It is made with finely chopped mango pieces, chili powder, roasted mentulu powder (fenugreek seed powder) and roasted mustard. It has a short shelf life, should be kept in the refrigerator and will keep for at least 2-3 months. Because of its short shelf life, we usually make a small batch of 2 mangoes. This pickle requires almost no time and is ready to eat the day after it is prepared.

mamidikaya menthi baddalu

mamidikaya menti baddaloo

Learn how to make mamidikaya menti pachadi or an instant andhra-style mango pickle recipe.

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