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Mango Falooda recipe, how to make mango falooda dessert

mango falooda recipe, how to make mango falooda dessert

Mango Faluda Recipe, a light and delicious, chilled, layered dessert drink made with mango puree, faloda noodles, basil seeds, mango ice cream and nuts.

Mango Falooda Recipe

The Mango Phalloda recipe is one of the easiest Indian desserts to prepare during the hot summer season, when mangoes are in abundance. It is a chilled dessert drink with incredible flavor, texture and color. Authentic or traditional falooda, originating in Persia, requires the use of rose syrup, falooda seeds or fine vermicelli, basil or tukmaria seeds and chopped nuts. You can play with flavors like mango, paan, banana, pineapple, saffron or kesar, strawberry, mixed fruit or chocolate. It’s mango season and I have lots of fresh mango puree to use in chilled desserts like eggless mango pudding and mango sagoon. Indian sweets like mango sandesh and mango firni.

Last week, on a hot, humid day, I made a mango falooda. The dependence on this frozen dessert was like manna from heaven. There are two methods of making mango faluda. One method uses cubed mango jelly and mango pudding, the other uses fresh mango puree and candied milk or hare. I followed the latter method, which I found easier. I’m sharing a simple recipe for mango phalloda, which involves making everything yourself except the store-bought mango ice cream. I also blogged a recipe for homemade mango ice cream. So if you want to make ice cream at home, follow this recipe.

Ingredients of Mango Faluda

This faluda mango recipe is very easy to make at home. The ingredients for faloda are chilled, sweetened, reduced milk, faloda seeds, flowering basil or sabji seeds, sweet mango puree, mango ice cream and chopped nuts. I’ve already written about how to make sieve or faloda noodles at home, as well as a good faloda recipe. You can use phalode 7 that you bought in the store. The process I follow to make falooda at home is to soak the basil seeds and then bring the milk to a boil. While the milk boils, I prepare phallus 7 and put it in the fridge. Then I make a sweet mango puree, put it in the fridge and chop the nuts. I bring the milk to room temperature by placing it in a bowl of water before cooling. I also refrigerate the falooda jars before putting in the falooda mango. The entire prep work, including cooling and layering the cooled faluda mango, takes me almost 90 minutes.

Falooda Mango

Nothing beats the taste of homemade falooda mango. A refreshing, delicious and comforting mango dessert in a jar!

How to make a mango phallus at home.

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