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Mango rasam, indian soup with raw mango

Mango Rasam is a South Indian style raw mango soup, also known as saar, saaru or charu.

Mango Rasam

Today I present my favorite comforting soup made with raw mango pulp. Mango Rasam! Easy to make and absolutely delicious. In many telugu-speaking households, you will find home cooks preparing different recipes with raw mangoes, apart from the famous avakai (pickled mangoes) and other recipes like pachadi, pulusu, papupu (dal), curry and rasam.

In the south, in Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Karnataka, especially in the Mangalore region, mango rasam is prepared during the mango season. Appe huli (mango rasam) is a traditional dish from Mangalore served at weddings and special occasions. Mango rasam is called maavina saar or saaru in kannada, mamidikaya chaaru in telugu and pacha manga rasam or mangai rasam in Tamil. With a minimum of ingredients but high flavor content, the preparation of mango rasam is almost the same in all regions, with slight variations in tempering and the use of rasam powder. This particular recipe for the preparation of mango rasam does not require the use of rasam podi.

raw mango raw mango rasam

Shredded raw mango ~ maavina saar or huli apple

Summer brings an abundant harvest of mangoes and raw mangoes are rich in vitamin C, B vitamins, antioxidants and adjuvants, so they should be included in your diet. Mango rasam is an excellent substitute for the usual daily rasam. The most important thing is to use a green mango that is almost starting to ripen. It will have a slightly sweeter flavor, ideal for making a raw mango rasam recipe. A touch of spiciness and tanginess add a wonderful tropical flavor to the tangy mango broth. Although mango rasam is traditionally served with rice, it can also be served as a live soup and is a delicious vegetarian party appetizer.

This is definitely one of the best mango rasams out there, and if you are looking for easy and delicious raw mango recipes, I recommend you bookmark this authentic South Indian rasam recipe, which is also vegetarian.

mango rasam recipe

raw mango razam

How to make mango rasam with raw green mango.

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