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Matar Kachori – Recipe of Matar Kachori

Matar Kachori ~ Indian Bean Snack Recipes

Matar Kachori as part of the Holi breakfast dish.

(Dahi Bhalla, Firni, Meti Matri, Namakpare and Gujiya).

I made Matara Kachori with Dahi Bhalla and Firni as part of our brunch to celebrate Holi, the flower festival in India. Cachoris is a tasty fried puff pastry, with a variety of fillings depending on the region where it is made, and most are usually made with lentils. The most popular kachori is filled with a paste of fried urad dal and spices, called hasta kachori. Kachori is usually served with a fine potato sauce aka dubki wale aloo sabzi or sweet tamarind chutney or in a bowl. I like to eat kachori alone with a cup of masala chai. A soothing tea snack!

Matara Cachori recipe ~ Step by step

Kachoris, like samosas, are very popular vegetable snacks among Indians, and it is common to find kachorivals on street corners selling hot, crispy kachoris. It takes little effort to make this vegetable-based snack recipe, and I’m inspired by street vendors who easily prepare hundreds of kachori/samos every day.

The packaging is very interesting in terms of the herbs it contains. My mother, whom I have met, adds a little sugar to balance the spiciness, and says that asafoetida is an essential spice to give the filling a lasting flavor. Garam masala and anise (sauna) provide the right spice without extra flavor. You can check out the jasta kachori recipe I published earlier, where you will also find a recipe for a kachori bowl. If you want to make a chacha with matar ki kachori, follow this recipe.

Matar Cachori

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