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Matar Mushroom Recipe – easy mushroom recipes

matar mushroom recipe, easy mushroom recipes indian

Creamy mushroom matar recipe, creamy texture, restaurant style Indian mushroom sauce that makes a delicious vegetarian dinner with naan

Matar mushroom served with a homemade naan

Matara mushroom curry is often prepared at home as a side dish to chapati for dinner, especially in the winter months when fresh peas are plentiful. Fresh peas, also known as matar, are an excellent addition to dishes like matar paneer and Indian-style mushroom recipes. Every time I prepare this vegetarian dish, I change the spices and ingredients that go into the mushroom. I always end up with a refreshing, comforting and rich sauce that makes me want to eat the best mushroom dish of the weekend with Indian flatbreads like naan and chapati. You will enjoy the taste of mushrooms and the aroma of peas in a creamy and delicately spiced curry. My family loves it and says it’s better than any matar mushroom curry at a restaurant.

Matar Mushroom

The sauce or gravy in which the peas and vinaigrette are simmered is the key to a tasty dish. I used cashews and crème fraîche, which gave the frosted curry mushrooms a smooth, silky sauce texture and rich flavor. Vegans can use coconut milk or cooked pumpkin puree instead of fresh cream. The only preparation that takes a little time is blanching the tomatoes. You can use store-bought tomato paste.

If you want to serve this mushroom dish at a party, you can prepare the sauce or gravy, freeze it in advance and prepare it 15 to 20 minutes before your guests arrive. A few simple steps: fry sliced mushrooms in ghee or butter until lightly browned, and add to the sauce prepared with fresh peas. Add a little water and let simmer for a few minutes before adding the crème fraîche. And before you know it, your mata mushroom sabzi turns into a delicious and tasty curry.

Matar Mushroom Recipe

One of the best mata recipes, try it if you haven’t already. And don’t forget to include the use of mushrooms in your list of Indian recipes.

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