Momos Chutney Recipe, how to make momos chutney

momos chutney recipe, how to make momos chutney

The Momos chutney recipe, a popular hot sauce and the best way to dip in red chili served with momos.

Mamos Chutney

Momos chutney or red chili sauce served with momos is incredibly delicious and easy to prepare. Since I posted the recipe for veggie mamos, I have been inundated with requests for the recipe for chutney mamos. There are many variations depending on the region where it is produced, such as B. Nepalese chutney, Tibetan mamo sauce or Indian mamo sauce based on Chinese model. Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of sauces served at mom’s, both at expensive restaurants and street vendors. Every mamos chutney I tried was different in taste and texture. Some of the sauces were either very spicy, too salty or too sour. Usually served in Chinese restaurants in India, Mamos chutney is spicy, with a reddish hue and a texture that is neither too thin nor too thick. When we dip or soak the mutti in the sauce, the creamy sauce sticks to the mutti.

Chutney for vegetarian mothers

There are many versions of the simple momos chutney. I have yet to find an authentic momo chutney served in the northeastern belt of India and Nepal. One option requires absolutely no cooking and consists of a creamy mix of red peppers, garlic, vinegar or lemon juice, soy sauce, sugar and salt. Sometimes ginger, tomatoes or a few shallots are added for variety. Another version is to roast the tomatoes on charcoal, which gives the smoky taste of Chutney Mamos.

I’m sharing a version of Mamos chutney that requires blanching the tomatoes and roasting the garlic before mashing them smooth. I find this tasty sauce to be deeper and perfectly balanced with sweet, sour and spicy flavors. A subtle layer of sweet and sour notes and a dominant flavor of winged savory with a perfectly soaking texture.

Red peppers are an essential ingredient and add a rich red color and tangy flavor to the sauce. When I eat chutney mums at a restaurant, I usually get a runny nose and tears run down my face from the intense heat of the flaming chutney. I don’t like sauces that are too spicy, so I make them at home and reduce the amount of chili peppers in the Chutney Mamos recipe. I like to add sugar or honey to flatten the spices and make them more flavorful. If you are serving children, I suggest you reduce the amount of red pepper and increase the amount of sugar. If you like spicy momo chutney, you can increase the amount of red peppers in the recipe.

How to make a mamo chutney or red pepper sauce for mamos.

There is nothing better than a warm and comforting plate of freshly steamed mums with a delicious chutney or sauce. I hope you enjoy cooking and enjoy this mamos vegetable chutney.

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