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Palm Leaf Fish Garnish

A very simple side dish that looks good on any sushi plate. Chef Devo knows how to do it, and soon you will too!

Step one: Preparation of the leaves

Tear two 4 cm wide strips from the palm leaves lengthwise. Remove the fibrous parts and brush the leaves with cold water.

Step two: Folded sheet

Place one end of the bow between your thumb and index finger and loop it over your index finger. Put the other end on your index finger and make another loop on your index finger. Take the second sheet, slide it into the middle of the last loop, then slide it between the two loops and fill to 80%. Insert the end into the first stitch and slip it between the two stitches. Then pull the end from the outside and pull it through the loop. What you’re actually doing is nothing more than weaving two sheets together.

Watch the video on Chef Devo’s sushi channel to see how he prepares it. This makes it much easier to weave the leaves.

Step three: Sealing the packaging

Once the braiding is done – it only takes a minute – gather the leaves and pull them very loosely. You should end up with a tightly woven pocket of palm leaves. It takes some patience, but it’s not hard. Do not pull too hard or you will damage the leaves and the pruning.

Step four: Cutting and finishing of mouldings

Cut a 10 cm zigzag pattern from the inside of the leaves and cut out the rest. Make a straight diagonal cut in the outer leaves. Here’s how. They made a set of palm leaves in the shape of a fish! But remember: This filling is not eaten, only decorated.

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How to make fish with palm leaves?

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What is eating my palm leaves?


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