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paneer recipe – how to make paneer at home

The paneer recipe is the way to make paneer fresh and moist at home.


I have many requests and requests for advice from readers on how to make a soft plate. Two days ago, a reader of Sailu’s Kitchen Facebook page asked me how to make a moist dish, the kaiser bantha hai. I thought it was time for a post about making a homemade dish.

Paneer is an unsalted white Indian curd used in a number of Indian dishes. The paneer recipe is the simplest and easiest dish you can make. The welcome panel is the best because it is fresh and soft. If you have bought a commercial dish, I recommend you do it yourself at home, as there is a big difference in texture and taste. Boiled whole milk is curdled by adding an acidic medium, such as yogurt or lemon juice, so that the milk solids escape from the whole liquid before it becomes solid. Yoghurt made from curdled milk is the best coagulant as it gives a smooth and creamy paneer compared to one prepared with lemon juice or vinegar.

When I prepare panel recipes like panel chir, rasgulla and ramalai, I drain the excess liquid completely and use it immediately (i.e. after step 7 below). For dishes like burji, kulcha, paratha etc, I put the weight only 10m on the drained chenna so that it retains its shape and some moisture remains in the plate. For dishes like masala, matar, palak or any other dish with chilli sauce or breadcrumbs, I put a weight on the drained chenné for a longer period of 30 to 45 minutes so that it hardens completely and can be easily cut into the shape of our choice.

You can flavor a dish by adding the spices and herbs of your choice when you make the recipe for the dish. You can add finely chopped mint leaves, coriander leaves or ground black pepper or red pepper flakes while you let the milk curdle. You can also add cumin seeds, kasuri methi, roasted garlic or Italian herbs.

Plate recipe – Follow the step-by-step photos to make a plate at home with easy instructions.


boiled milk ~ add cottage cheese to boiled milk


sweet curd ~ whey (liquid remaining after milk has been curdled)


Adding ice cubes to stop cooking ~ solid milk mixes with crystals (Chenna).


Plate wrapped in muslin to drain excess liquid ~ Plate completely emptied


Heavy weight placed on the plate ~ fresh homemade plate

frequently asked questions

How many plates are made with 1 kg of milk?

In fact, the yield of paneer depends on the protein content of the milk. But normal milk, which contains an average of 4-5% fat and 3-4% protein, provides about 12-18 grams of sandwich filling per 100 grams (about 101 ml) of milk. Thus, we can get 120-180 g from a liter of milk. So you need about 7 liters of milk for 1 kg of frosting.

Can the plate be made of cottage cheese?


What type of milk is used to make insulating glass units?

Traditionally in these countries it was made from buffalo milk. Nowadays, however, ice cream makers usually use a mixture of buffalo and cow’s milk. The plate can also be made entirely from cow’s milk, but then it has a slightly different texture and lower fat content.

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