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Rose Milk Recipe, How to make Rose syrup, Summer Drinks Recipes

Rose milk recipe, How to make rose syrup, Summer drink recipes

Pink milk

To continue with my summer drinks, today I present you with a homemade recipe of rose syrup and rose milk. Sweet and summery, with a delicate floral scent, homemade rose syrup is a must-have in the pantry during the hot summer months. Just mix rose syrup with cold milk or almond milk and you have an exotic tasting summer drink on hand. For a party or a meeting, gulab sharbat or rose milk are even the ideal drinks for a party. Rose syrup is also an essential ingredient in the famous Faluda dessert, a recipe I will share with you soon.

You can even buy commercially available rose syrup or another alternative – use rose essence and rose water instead of rose syrup. For a rich and tasty rose milk, add heavy cream. I like to add ground marzipan to chilled rose milk to give it a richer flavor. In Rajamundry (East Godavari district) there is a shop called Pink Milk which was established in 1950 and is very popular among the locals. Here they serve rose milk in different forms, and my favourite version is the palca variety (a very sweet dudh-peda), rose syrup and chilled milk. Absolutely rich and fascinating. This store even sells bottles of rose syrup concentrate. During my travels in Tamil Nadu, I discovered that most towns have juice stalls selling pink milk, which is in high demand, and Jil Jigarthanda (in Faluda), a popular dish from Madurai and my favorite.

Summer Drinks ~ Pink Milk Recipe

If you haven’t tried making rose syrup at home yet, I encourage you to try this tasty rose milk recipe for your kids, family and friends. The perfect drink to combat the heat during the summer months.

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