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Salted lassi, namkeen lassi | Healthy drinks recipes

Salty Lassi, Nimkin Lassi – India’s healthy summer drinks

salty-tasty drink

Salted lassi, a traditional Indian drink, is one of the best recipes for healthy drinks to combat the heat and keep us from getting sunburned. As with the sweet lassi recipe I mentioned earlier on my blog, the ingredients for a recipe for salty lassi are also minimal. The basic recipe for salted lassi requires a thick yogurt, salt and water. You can season the lassi with ginger juice, green chillies, black pepper, mint, coriander leaves or black salt.

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Ayurveda says that lassi has many benefits. Salted ginger oil is nutritious, aids digestion, acts as a general laxative, and supplies the body with calcium, potassium, and vitamin B12. Lassi contains good bacteria that lubricate the gut, aid digestion and help reduce bloating and flatulence. This helps to calm the Watta imbalance. If you make salads at home, use thick homemade yogurt with whole or skim milk. Prepare yogurt and drink salted lassi regularly during the summer months to combat the heat. The best summer drink to fight the heat.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to make Namkeen Lassi at home.

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