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Spicy chicken curry | spicy indian chicken curry recipe

Spicy chicken curry recipe, Indian chicken curry with very addictive flavors and a big favorite with us

So far, I’ve been posting chicken curry recipes on the blog. Almost all chicken curry recipes are as authentic as possible, easy to make without complicated preparation or long lists of ingredients. In fact, most Indian dishes are easy to prepare. The ingredients can be intimidating for a novice cook trying to prepare Indian dishes. But once you master the spices and techniques, you’ll have Indian cuisine in no time. Today’s recipe for Spicy Curry Chicken is one of those simple, easy and convenient dishes. It may look like an everyday chicken curry, but the combination of spices and green chillies makes it extremely tasty and exciting. The flavors are perfectly balanced and the chicken is juicy and moist.

spicy curry chicken

This delicious spicy chicken curry recipe is the one my mom always makes on Sundays. She serves this spicy Andhra kodi kura as a side dish with steamed rice or as a spicy rice dish like raju gari kodi pulao or biryani. A simple but tasty chicken curry with an essence of aromatic Indian spices.

I make this spicy chicken curry often and it is a staple in my recipe repertoire. It is perfect for simple everyday dishes or as a special dish on a festive menu. It’s my favorite chicken curry when I don’t know what spicy curry to make with the chicken.

Spicy Indian Chicken Curry

The key to a delicious spicy chicken recipe

Whether you are using rustic chicken (naatu kodi) or rotisserie chicken, it is important to marinate the washed pieces of chicken. Salt, turmeric powder and lemon juice will do. You can also add ginger-garlic paste, chili powder and cottage cheese/yogurt. But that’s not necessarily the case. They should marinate for at least 20 minutes to an hour. This marinating makes the chicken soft and gives it a nice flavor.

The key to a delicious curry lies in the freshly ground spices. I can’t stress this enough. The aroma and taste are unmatched.

You will need at least 6 to 8 fresh light green chillies for this spicy chicken curry. Chicken curry gets its exciting flavor from these green chilies.

The chicken should cook slowly or simmer in the sauce to absorb all the flavors. You must use chicken with bone, because boneless chicken does not give the same taste as the previous one.

And the onions should be sauteed past the translucent stage or until lightly browned. Once you’ve added the ginger and garlic paste, keep stir-frying until the raw smell disappears and the oil stabilizes. This is a very important process in the preparation of any Indian curry, be it vegetarian or chicken.

It is the perfect side dish for steamed rice, spicy rice, biryani, chapati or naan.

All chicken lovers, try this spicy curry chicken recipe. If you do, please share your reactions and photos of the chicken curry in the blog comments or on social media. I’d like to see her. You can find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.

Spicy Indian chicken curry with chicken pulao and raita

How to prepare a spicy chicken curry

frequently asked questions

How do I make my chicken curry spicy?

Curry too sweet? How to cook a hot curry – chili bowl

Which Indian curry is the hottest?

Thermal class : Very Hot We now come to the hottest of all curries with the eternal favorite, Vindaloo. Although vindaloo is now served in Indian restaurants, it actually originated in Portugal, where it began as a simple dish of wine vinegar and garlic.

Which spices are good in curry?

Turmeric, cumin, chilli (red or green) and ginger are essential ingredients in many curries, but coriander, fenugreek, mustard, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg can be just as important, as can fresh flavours such as garlic, onion, coriander, lemongrass, lime and lemon, to name but a few.

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