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Tang Yuan Recipe-Black Sesame Filling

Tang Yuan is a very popular sweet Chinese dessert that used to be served during festivals such as the Lantern Festival (元宵节) and the Winter Solstice Festival (冬至). Today it is served as a dessert and sometimes as breakfast on a cold winter morning. I do TangYuan at home every year, and I wanted to share a fun version from this year.  This is the marbled version, an improved version of the traditional pure white.

I made this black sesame rice dumpling for our special celebration. On other normal days, I usually did a lighter, more unstable version. Tang Yuan rice dumpling is popular among people because of its round shape. The Chinese believe that round food symbolizes completeness and family reunification. In the past, a large amount of sticky rice was soaked and then ground in rice milk and filtered water to make the dough for the rice balls. This process requires the help and contribution of almost all family members. So we usually make it a jackpot. I can still remember how this process repeated itself year after year. These sweet memories bring back many good ones. The rice dumpling dough can be kept in a special container for a month, and we can enjoy it on New Year’s Day, starting with the Spring Festival and ending with the Lantern Festival.

There are several fillings for Chinese tang yuan, including peanut filling, sweet kidney bean, lotus root paste and salted meat filling, but the most classic is the filling with black sesame. Black VS white, better coordination also in terms of appearance.

Cooking tips

  1. Because gluten-free rice flour is gluten-free, it can be harder to control than regular flour, which is harder to assemble (surface cracks) and breaks the skin. We can certainly make the flour softer and smoother by adding warmer water.  I have tested many combinations with hot water + cold water, cold water and hot water. Using hot water makes the paste super soft and therefore easy to assemble (no surface cracks), but the Tangyuan is actually oval, not round. It may not hold up well after cooking. So this time I’m using hot water again.
  2. The amount of sugar must be guaranteed. Since there is a lot of oil in the filling, limiting the amount of sugar makes the filling greasy.
  3. A perfect round shape can be achieved with a minimum amount of water for a smooth surface.

How to make black sesame filling

Home toast with black sesame (I make a large amount this time and save 2/3 of the topping for later, so the amount in the photo is three times the amount in the recipe section).

  1. Rinse black sesame seeds under water to remove dirt.

  1. Roast over low heat until seeds are dry. Do not cook too long or the seeds will become bitter. Turn it over and let it cool completely.

Preparation of the black sesame filling

Grind 1 cup toasted black sesame seeds with salt, powdered sugar and peanuts into flour.

And add 100 ml of lard or butter (how to make lard at home), or melted, and then add 40-50 ml of water.

If you are not good at sealing balls, form the filling into balls first, it will be easier to assemble. You can make about 12 to 16 sesame balls from this batch. If necessary, refrigerated.

While the filling is cooling, mix the dough with the sticky rice flour.

Take a piece and turn it in a bowl. Define the assignment. Formed into a round ball. Lightly sprinkle the ball with sticky rice flour to save it for later.

For the marbled version, cut 1/3 off a large portion of the dough and mix it completely with the color. I use vegetable powder (made from purple sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and spinach). Spray it with a little water. Next, roughly mix the colored dough with the white dough (make sure the texture is the same, but not the color). Take 20 g of dough and wrap it well.  She’s about 16.

Cook them in boiling water until they float to the surface. I recommend reshaping the balls before cooking so they are perfectly round.

How to operate Tang Yuan

Tang yuan is usually served hot with syrups such as osmanthus syrup, sugar or fermented sticky rice wine (酒酿). In some parts of China, people like to eat meatballs made of spicy soup. You have to take a spoon and eat a bite to greet the glorious filling. For a nice finish this time, I just add rock candy to create a very sweet base.

Tang Yuan Recipe – Black Sesame Topping

Classic Chinese Tangyuan Feast with Black Sesame Stuffing

Yes, of course:

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Tang Yuan

Serve it up: 16 Results in about 12 average Tang Yuan

Calories: 853 kcal

Author: Elaine


For the black sesame filling

  • 1
    toasted black sesame seeds
    about 100g.
  • 1/4 cuproasted peanuts
  • 1 cup powdered sugarabout 100g.
  • 1/8
  • 5
    Grease or oil
  • 3

Tang Yuan Plak

  • 2 cups sticky rice flour
  • 1 cup hot water, about 50-60 degrees C.
  • Vegetable powder
    : Sweet potato violet powder, pumpkin, carrot and spinach.


To prepare the black sesame filling

  1. Toast black sesame seeds in a pan or in the oven (click here for detailed instructions).
  2. Add the black sesame seeds, powdered sugar, salt and peanuts to the blender. Mix well.
  3. Add the melted bacon and water. Mix well. Then put it in the fridge until firm and shape 1/2 tablespoon of the filling into round balls. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge.

To make the dough

  1. Mix the hot water with the sticky rice flour and knead it into a smooth ball.
  2. Long wooden mould and shape into 6 pieces. Cover all 4 parts with a damp cloth.
  3. Cut the remaining 2 portions in half to make 4 portions. Gradually add the vegetable powder and knead until the color is well mixed. Sprinkle with water if necessary.
  4. Coarsely mix the colored paste with the white paste (to create a marbled surface). Take a portion of 20 grams, form it into a small ball, put the dough inside and wrap it well. Squeeze the ball one by one with both hands to make sure there are no cracks in the surface. If you find the dough hard to handle, wet your hands before you mix it together. Lightly sprinkle the ball with sticky rice flour to save it for later. They can be frozen in airtight bags.
  5. Boil water in a saucepan (the water should be at least 5cm above the balls). Continue to cook for 1 to 2 minutes after they have come to the surface.
  6. Remove the soup from the pan and serve with sugar or sweet osmanthus or syrup.

Recipe notes

Note 1 : When forming the bowl, make the bottom thicker and the other parts equal. If the base is too thin, the balls may break while forming.

Note 2 : If you don’t know how to seal the balls, try forming the filling and the balls. This facilitates the process.

Note 3 : If you want to liquefy the gasket, increase the amount of grease in the gasket.

Nutritional information

Tang Yuan Recipe – Black Sesame Topping

Maintenance fee

Calories 853
Calories from fat 315

Daily Value* (%)

Fats 35g54

Saturated fat 15g94%.

Cholesterol 57mg19%.

Sodium 277mg12

Potassium 198 mg6

Carbohydrates 124g41

Dietary fibre 5g21

Sugar 33g37% Sugar

Protein 11g22% Protein 11g22% Protein 11g22% Protein 11g22% Protein 11g22

Vitamin A 665IU13

Calcium 261 mg26

Iron 4mg22

* Daily percentages are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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