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Tomato pickle recipe, instant andhra tomato pachadi

Recipe for tomatoes and cucumbers, easy, instant, delicious and the best pachadi andhra style preparation.


In many telugu households, most culinary conversations revolve around making pickles, chutney recipes and the like. I have many handwritten recipes that I have gleaned from these conversations. I am sharing one of these gems, which is a fascinating and delicious fresh tomato pickle. An andhra-style tomato pickle, easy and short. Yes, it keeps for two days at room temperature, but it can be kept in the refrigerator for a week. Every time I make this pachadi, it doesn’t keep for more than 4 or 5 days. And I make it regularly when I host guests. It is so delicious.

My organic garden provides me with a good crop of old tomatoes, which I use to make pachadi tomatoes. This light Andhra marinade tastes best when made with a mixture of old and hybrid tomatoes, which have a balance of sweet and sour. Very few ingredients and you don’t need to grind, as it is more of a coarse tomato chutney. A recipe for Andhra tomato marinade couldn’t be simpler 🙂 You’ll find a touch of asafoetida in it and moderately spicy with a mixture of dried red chilies and chili powder. It is made without tamarind or garlic, but if you like the garlic flavor, you can omit the asafoetida and add a few crushed cloves of garlic to temper it.

tomato pickle recipe

best tomato cucumber

I love the simplicity of this instant tomato sauce and the variability of its use. It can be served with tiffins like idli, dosa, pongal, rice and roti. It is delicious as a dip or salsa with fries. A bright orange-red homemade tomato pachadi, with a sweet and tangy flavor, a jewel among pickles and vegetable pickles.

I have already blogged about a sun-dried tomato pickle without garlic and another Andhra tomato pickle with garlic, which are favorites. You can also find other pickle recipes on my blog, mostly from Andhra and South India.

andhra tomato pickle

Tomato pickle and Shra style

Learn how to make a tomato marinade or pachadi from Andhra tomatoes.

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