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Urad Dal recipe, how to make Urad Dal

Urad dal recipe, how to make urad dal

Urad dal is a delicious recipe from North India of chopped black chickpeas served with rice, rotis and parathas.


The New Year’s lunch consisted of Dhuli Urad Dal in North Indian fashion, which I served with Masala Paratha, Tawa Pulao and Bondi Raita. Urad dhal is called split black gram in English and is also known as dhuli dal, dhuli urad, maa ki dal, white lens or white urad dal. Dhuli urad dal is a type of lentil that is very popular in the regional cuisine of the Hindi speaking states and other regions of North India, such as Punjab.

urad valley, white lenses

The black gram, rich in fiber and protein, is cooked sticky and heavier than the tur dal and lung. Urad dal takes some time to cook, and when cooked slowly on wood, it has a smoky and lingering flavor. I cook the dal slowly on wood because I like the smoky taste similar to a dhaba style dal. The method of cooking dhuli dal over a wood fire ensures that the dhuli dal is well cooked and retains its shape without drooling. Or you can press dal. The dhuli urad becomes syrupy after boiling. To reduce the slime, I suggest dry roasting the urad dal on a low flame for five to six minutes before pressure cooking it. Make sure the udad dal is not cooked or soft.

dhuli urad ki dal

The recipe for urad dal is simple, easy to make and very close to the Punjabi dhuli dal au jus, a dry cooking sauce. There are different variants of urad ki daal, each variant has a unique and exciting taste. If you don’t want to use garlic, replace it with asafoetida. Ghee or melted butter are preferred for quenching thirst as they enhance the taste of urad ki dal in giant steps.

With its warm flavours, urad dal was the perfect vegetarian dish with masala paratha and aloo ke gutke. If you are looking for delicious white urad dal recipes, this comfortable urad dal recipe will do the trick.

Maa dhuli dal

A simple, healthy everyday North Indian style urad ki dal that makes a nice side dish to warm up a roti or paratha in.

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frequently asked questions

Is urad dal the same as urad dal?

Uriddal, also known as urad dal or Ulutham Paruppu, is a black loin that has been split and peeled. Urid dal is also used as a spice to give curries a warm and nutty flavor.

Do you need to soak the urad dahl?

Whole urad beans should be soaked in lightly salted water for at least 4 hours, preferably 5 hours. You will need 2 to 4 cups of soaking water for each cup of beans. The Dal should be soaked for at least half an hour, but if it is old, even a few hours is not enough.

What does Urad Dal look like?

What is Urad Dahl? It is a simple dal in which the soaked dal is boiled under pressure with salt, turmeric powder, ginger and water. Once properly cooked, it is tempered with hinges, cumin seeds, dried red chilies, ginger and onions.

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