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Vegan chicken recipe – stir-fry with mushrooms and vegetables

This vegan stir-fry is a great way to get your 5 a day, as you can include five different types of vegetables. It’s also full of flavour and will be one of the tastiest dishes you’ll make for dinner tonight!

The “stir-fry chicken and vegetables chinese style” is a vegan recipe that you can make with mushrooms and vegetables. This dish is quick and easy to prepare, yet has complex flavors.

A great meat substitute that is excellent for stir-frying is vegan chicken. 

To demonstrate how to make seitan-based vegan chicken using ordinary flour, I’ve developed a recipe. In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to cook a vegan chicken meal with veggies and mushrooms. The traditional Chinese cuisine of stir-fried chicken and vegetables is substituted with this simple-to-make recipe.

Let’s get going.

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mock chicken stir-fry with mushrooms and veggies

After making the vegan chicken, you use it to prepare stir-fries with a variety of veggies. The detailed steps are listed below.

Note: Using Vital wheat gluten in place of all-purpose flour is a simpler method. You may skip washing the wheat and go right to stretching and kneading the dough since Vital wheat gluten has a high gluten concentration.

1. Get the veggies ready.

  1. Make florets out of the broccoli and cauliflower.
  2. The variety of veggies would benefit greatly with the inclusion of red bell pepper, which gives the meal color and texture. It was cut into big pieces.
  3. The oyster mushrooms should be shred into smaller pieces.
  4. Cut the tiny corns on the bias into two or three pieces.
  5. To remove the fibrous “string,” snap off one end of the snow peas and pull along the snow pea pod in that direction.
  6. A few dried shitake mushrooms should be properly hydrated by being soaked in hot water. After that, slice each mushroom into thick pieces after removing the stem. Water that has had some of the mushroom flavor released into it is perfect for making stock.
  7. Finally, roughly chop two garlic cloves to be used as aromatics.

My favorite vegetable and mushroom combination is the one mentioned above since it has a lovely balance of color, texture, and taste. The choice of Ingredients is up to you, however.

Chinese stir-fry with vegan chicken, mushroom, and mixed vegetables flavored with soy sauce. It is and healthy and simple recipe.

seitan recipe squarethe seitan-based “chicken” flesh

2. Make the “vegan chicken” that has been shred.

If you’ve previously prepared the seitan chicken, you may either shred it into little pieces or cut it into thin slices that resemble chicken slices. Since it resembles shredded chicken thigh flesh almost exactly, I usually tear it by hand.

If you don’t make your own seitan, you may substitute genuine chicken for it by buying soy curls from the grocery store. In addition to seitan, it is another vegan option for chicken.

3. Stir-fry the fake chicken in a pan.

  1. First, in the wok, cook the chopped garlic over medium heat until fragrant.
  2. After that, stir-fry the broccoli and cauliflower for 30 seconds. Afterward, pour the mushroom water over the veggies, and cook for a bit. Because they take longer than other Ingredients to become soft, broccoli and cauliflower should be cooked in this manner. 
  3. Include all Ingredients except the bell pepper and faux chicken after they are cooked through, which takes around three minutes.
  4. If it is too dry, you may add additional mushroom water.
  5. When the broccoli is crisp-tender and easily slides off the fork, continue to stir-fry the veggies and mushroom.
  6. The bell pepper is now included.
  7. Add flavorings such as light soy sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce (made with mushroom essence), ground white pepper, salt, sugar, and brown sugar, if desired. If you are certain you can do it perfectly and not miss any of the Ingredients, you may premix it as a stir-fry sauce or add these seasonings individually straight to the veggies.
  8. Mix the veggies completely before adding the chicken seitan bits.
  9. Add cornstarch slurry to the gravy to thicken it. As an alternative, you may pre-mix the spice with cornstarch so that the slurry doesn’t need to be made separately.
  10. Stir-fry for fifteen seconds at a high temperature. Serve as a stand-alone meal or with white rice after being prepared.

Chinese stir-fry with vegan chicken, mushroom, and mixed vegetables flavored with soy sauce. It is and healthy and simple recipe.


  • Like other Chinese home chefs, I boil the veggies in the same water that I soaked the dried shitake mushrooms in. It functions as a free vegetable broth thanks to the intense mushroom taste. 
  • Since the faux chicken absorbs flavor and salt from the braising liquid as it cooks, the quantity of spice should be kept to a minimum. Therefore, if you use unseasoned imitation meat, you may need additional salt and light soy sauce.
  • If you like spring onions (green onions), slice some up and add them as a garnish just before serving. Sesame seeds may also be added to the dish to enhance taste and appearance.
  • I often use a wok in my son’s kitchen, but a big skillet works just as well. He is without a wok.
  • For added flavor and scent, add some sesame oil before serving (which I did not do).
  • Omitting the vegetarian oyster sauce and replacing it with some rice vinegar, additional sugar, a sugar-sugar balance, and Szechuan chili oil is one alternate flavor combination. If you become tired of the rather mild traditional Cantonese flavor, you may want to give it a try. Use of hoisin sauce as one of the spice elements is still another recommendation.

How to cook Seitan chicken from scratch, which is vegan

The Chinese vegetarian uses seitan, or wheat gluten, as a key component in many of their meals, including vegan chicken. I used the seitan recipe’s imitation chicken, which I made using the “wash the flour approach.” The flour is first mixed with water and kneaded like bread before being soaked in water to relax the gluten that has developed.

The dough is then repeatedly rinsed with water to remove the starch, finally leaving the protein—gluten—behind. The gluten is then pulled to generate a flesh-like texture that resembles actual chicken meat by being stretched, twisted, and braided. Finally, a soy-based liquid is used to braises the gluten, which is then marinated for a day after chilling to absorb the amazing taste.

For further information, please refer to this lesson.

Additional delectable vegetarian dishes

If you like this recipe for vegan stir-fry, you may also like some of the related vegetarian recipes on this food site. Here are my selections:

A great vegetarian meal created using beancurd skin is vegetarian duck. It is also devoid of gluten.

The Cantonese cuisine staple of lotus root stir-fry is highly reviving. When stir-fried, lotus root has a somewhat sweet, earthy flavor and a crisp texture.

If you prefer actual chicken flesh over the vegan alternative, here is the recipe for real chicken stir-fry with broccoli. 

Information about vegan chicken

I am aware that cooking vegan chicken takes time, but you can prepare a lot and use it in many other recipes. The taste may be considerably altered by flavoring the dough before cooking. Typically, these dry spice components consist of black pepper, paprika, onion powder, and garlic powder.

The vegan chicken is shred and ready for stir-frying. Before cooking or producing vegan chicken nuggets, the vegan chicken may be fashioned into wings or chicken thighs.

20 minutes to prepare

10 minutes for cooking

30 minutes in total


Component A

Component B (stir-fry sauce)


  1. To make the vegan chicken seem like shredded chicken flesh, manually rip it into little pieces.
  2. In a wok, cook the minced garlic over medium heat until fragrant.
  3. Stir-fry the broccoli and cauliflower for 30 seconds after adding them. Three minutes later, add the mushroom water and continue simmering the veggies.
  4. Other components should be used in addition of the bell pepper and fake chicken.
  5. The veggies and mushroom should be stir-fried until the broccoli is crisp-tender.
  6. The bell pepper is now included.
  7. Mix well after adding components B for seasoning.
  8. Mix the veggies completely before adding the chicken seitan bits.
  9. Stir-fry for fifteen seconds at a high temperature. Then serve the food.


You have two options for the vegan chicken: from scratch or soy curls. Additionally, some stores provide ready-made seitan-based vegan chicken.

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Information about nutrition:



portion size

1 serving size equals: 226 calories 11g of total fat 1g of saturated fat 0g of trans fat 10g of unsaturated fat 0 mg of cholesterol 700 mg of sodium 14g of carbohydrates 3g of fiber 4g sugar 19g of protein

Nutritionix computed and supplied this information on 5/7/2020.

This vegan chicken recipe is a stir-fry with mushrooms and vegetables. It’s quick, easy to make, and has a delicious flavor. Reference: chicken stir-fry with vegetables.

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